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GAC Immo Fleet

Real estate asset management software for companies, communities, associations.

  • Dashboards
  • Leases & contracts management
  • Occupancy management
  • Energy management
  • Costs analysis
  • KPIs

main features

Manage your real estate portfolio daily

Centralize all your real estate data in a single portal for your entire organisation.

Lease management

Find all your leases and their information in seconds.

Contract management

Track and manage contracts related to your suppliers and sites directly in the application.

Connection to suppliers

Automatically retrieve data from your suppliers (Energy, maintenance, regulatory checks, etc.) directly in the application

Measure and analyse the real costs of your real estate

GAC Immo Fleet lists all the expenses related to your sites and gives you a clear and complete summary of your costs.


Track your performance indicators in real time.

Occupancy management

Manage the occupancy of your buildings and distribution of occupants to optimise your costs.

GAC Immo Fleet is the web solution that all growing companies should use to manage their real estate growth.

Jean-François RECHER – GAC Immo Fleet product manager

Anticipate the actions to be taken in order to plan

Identify, plan and anticipate the actions to be taken. Maximize the profitability of your assets very easily thanks to the dedicated features.

Calendar and alerts

Contracts anniversary dates, deadlines, end of lease period, or even maintenance, everything is automatically recorded in your calendar.

You and your team get notified when action is soon required.


Find and plan the regulatory checks and upcoming maintenance operations on your buildings equipment.

Action plans

Coordinate your team actions across your entire real estate portfolio. Share your action plans with your team and monitor their progress.

Manage your data with serenity

Never miss a critical deadline again.
Do not lose strategic data anymore.

Find the information immediately.

Document management

All your real estate documentation is classified by asset and accessible in the application on a dedicated and secured cloud server. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

User management

GAC Immo Fleet is 100% collaborative. Work as a team across your real estate portfolio. the access perimeter of each user is fully configurable.

Ready to optimise your corporate real estate portfolio?