Gac Immo Fleet

Manage your corporate real estate easily

  • Centralise your real estate management
  • Manage leases, contracts and maintenance on one single platform
  • Make your decisions quickly
  • Optimise your real estate portfolio

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GAC Immo Fleet:

Our software

GAC Immo Fleet

Your corporate real estate management software

By centralising all your real estate assets data in a single portal, GAC Immo Fleet gives you a 360° view of your real estate portfolio and guides you in your decision-making process.

A simple and powerful software to go beyond Excel

GAC Immo Fleet centralize all my real estate assets management in one single digital portal. So simple to use. It’s hard to go back to Excel with my team !

Thierry, Real Estate Manager

Your needs

Take control of your corporate real estate portfolio

GAC Immo Fleet is the best way to implement an optimisation strategy of your real estate :

  • Determine your real estate real costs
  • Secure your assets management
  • Get a sharp view of your portfolio
  • Anticipate your futur needs

Simple and Efficient

The best way to manage your company’s real estate

GAC Immo Fleet is the most efficient software for identifying, anticipating and planning your strategic decisions.



123 assets on average

1 500 000m² already managed in GAC Immo Fleet

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GAC Real Estate Software

Our team is totally dedicated to make GAC Immo Fleet the best real estate management software. Our goal is to help professionals to get the best out of their real estate.

Our software

Optimise your company’s real estate portfolio

GAC Immo Fleet is the best solution for real estate managers looking for dedicated tools to help them maximising their real estate value.